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About luiciolfi

I am Professor of Human Centred Computing at Sheffield Hallam University (UK) researching the design, use and evaluation of interactive technologies in the physical world. I am interested in heritage technologies, mobility, collaborative computing, interactive spaces.

New article published

A new article, “On the perceptual aesthetics of interactive objects“, written with Alessandro Soranzo, Daniela Petrelli and John Reidy has been published (open access) in the Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology. The paper is based on the recent project with colleagues in the Dept. of Psychology examining people’s reactions to manipulating interactive tangible objects. Another publication focusing on the tangible interaction side of the work can be found on the TEI 2016 proceedings.

PhD Scholarship opportunities at SHU

My university, Sheffield Hallam University (UK), is currently inviting applications for funded PhD scholarships across a range of subject areas. This is a competitive process and applicants must satisfy a number of eligibility criteria.

Specifically, I will be supervising students in three areas:

Those who are interested in applying to study under my supervision are warmly invited to contact me directly to discuss their ideas and topics towards the application.

Full information on how to apply is detailed on the website. Deadline for applications is February 1st, 2018. Interviews of shortlisted applicants will take place in early March 2018. Successful applicants will enrol in September 2018.

New Publications in November 2017

Two new publications have appeared this November: first of all, a paper I have written with Marc McLoughlin on “Supporting Place-Specific Interaction Through a Physical/Digital Assembly”, published in the Human-Computer Interaction journal. It is fully open access, so anyone can read it at this link:

Secondly, the proceedings of the workshop on “Nomadic Cultures Beyond Work Practices” that I co-organised at ECSCW 2017 with Fabiano Pinatti, Chiara Rossitto, Airi Lampinen and Breda Gray are now published as a special issue of the International Reports on Socio-Informatics (IRSI) series:

The workshop proceedings also include by short paper with Eleanor Lockley on “Work-Life Strategies on the Move: Reconfiguring Boundaries”: