Professional Activities

Journal Editorial Boards
– Associate Editor and Book Review Editor, CSCW Journal (Springer)
– Interaction Design & Architectures

Conference committee roles
– General Co-Chair, ACM CSCW 2021
– Subcommittee Co-Chair (“Interaction Beyond the Individual”), CHI 2018, CHI 2019
– Doctoral Colloquium Co-Chair, ECSCW 2019
– General Conference Chair, ECSCW 2017
– ACM SigCHI Career Development Workshop, CHI 2016, CHI 2017
– Working Papers Co-Chair, ACM GROUP 2016
– Doctoral Colloquium Co-Chair, COOP 2016
– Papers Co-Chair, ACM CSCW 2015
– Scientific Co-Chair, COOP 2014
– Associate Chair, ACM CHI 2013-2014-2016
– Associate Chair, ACM CSCW 2012-present
– Associate Chair,  ACM DIS 2012- DIS 2014
– Workshops Co-Chair, ACM GROUP 2012
– Associate Chair and Demos Co-Chair, ACM CSCW 2012
– Member, Doctoral Colloquium Panel, ACM CSCW 2012, 2016
– Conference Chair, “Re-thinking Technology in Museums” (2005-2011)
– Demos Co-Chair, ACM CSCW 2010
– Proceedings Chair, ECSCW 2009, 2011, 2013
– Programme Chair, iHCI 2009
– Programme Committee member (among others): ECSCW 2009-present; COOP 2012-2014; GROUP 2012-present; iHCI 2007-present; CREATE 2007-2008; ECCE 2001-2005; NODEM 2008-present

Other Reviewing and Professional Roles
– ACM Distinguished Speaker (2021-present)
– Member, ACM CSCW Steering Committee (2017-present)
– Member, EUSSET Steering Committee (The European Society for Socially-Embedded Technologies) (2016-2018)
– Invited Lecturer, EUSSET Intl. Summer School on Computer Supported Cooperative Work (August 2015; August 2018; August 2019)
– Scientific evaluator/reviewer for research funding bodies and tenure and promotion boards in the UK, USA, The Netherlands, Romania, Austria, Germany and Estonia.
– Museums and the Web 2012-2016, Member of judging panel for “Best of the Web” Awards
– Keynote Addresses: Irish HCI Conference 2018; AHRC Heritage Consortium Annual Conference 2018; BCS Lovelace Colloquium 2018; Scottish Graduate School for the Arts and Humanities, University of Glasgow, Feb. 2017; IEEE RTSI 2016, University of Bologna (Italy), Sept. 2016; Mexican Network for Digital Technologies for Cultural Heritage, Dec. 2015; NORDES Summer School, Oslo, August 2012; Intl. Workshop “Spatial and Network analysis in Qualitative Research”, European University of Cyprus, Sept. 2009
– Member, National Consultation Panel on Cultural Heritage and Global Change, The Heritage Council of Ireland (2012-2014)
– Invited Reviewer (highlights): International Journal of Human-Computer Studies, Co-Design Journal, TOCHI – Transactions Computer-Human Interaction, Heritage and Society
– Member of judging panel, CHI’07 Student Design Competition

Events Organised
– 2019 Co-Chair (with Penny Travlou), “Ethnographies of Collaborative Economies“, Edinburgh College of Art, Oct 25-26 2019.
– 2016 Co-Organiser, workshop “Managing Technology Around Work and Life“, EPSRC Balance Network, Sheffield Dec 13th 2016
– 2015 Co-Organiser, workshop “Cultural Heritage Communities: Technologies and Challenges“, C&T 2015, Limerick (Ireland), June 27th 2015
-2013 Co-Organiser, workshop “CSCW at the Boundary of Work and Life“, ECSCW2013, Cyprus September 2013
– 2013 Co-organiser, workshop “Explorations in Social Interaction Design“, ACM CHI 2013, Paris April 2013
-2012 Co-organiser, “Magic is Might. An international conference on the cultural influence of the Harry Potter books and films”, University of Limerick, July 2012
– 2011 International conferenceRe-thinking Technology in Museums: Emerging Experiences”, Hosted by the Interaction Design Centre and the Irish Museums Association, UL, May 26-27 2011 (Conference Chair)
– 2009-present Co-chair Nomadic Work/Life International Seminar Series, UL.
– 2009 Co-Chair, International Workshop “Open-Ended Design: Future Challenges for Designers and Developers”, held at Tweak Festival
– 2007 Co-chair, workshop “Beyond Mobility: Studying Nomadic Work”, ECSCW’07, Limerick, Sept. 2007
– 2007 Organiser, iHCI07, the First Irish Human-Computer Interaction Conference, UL May 2nd 2007
– 2006 Member of the organising committee of ECSCW ‘07
– 2006 Member of the organising committee of the HCI Educators Workshop 2006
– 2005 Co-chair, Workshop “Settings for collaboration: the role of place”, ECSCW 2005, Paris Sept. 2005
– 2005 Co-chair, Workshop “Understanding and Designing for Aesthetic Experience”, HCI 2005, Edinburgh Sept. 2005.
– 2005 Chair, “Re-Thinking Technology in Museums: Towards a New Understanding of People’s Experience in Museums”, Limerick (Ireland) 29-30 June 2005.
– 2005 Co-organiser of the “Convivio Interaction Design Teachers Workshop”, February 2005
– 2004 Organiser, seminar “Understanding Human Experience for Design”, University of Limerick, January 2004.
– 2003 Co-chair, Workshop “UbiWhat? A Reflection on Ubiquitous Computing”, held at the University of Limerick, October 8th 2003.
– 2002 Main Organiser, Workshop “This is not a computer! New Modes of Interaction”, funded by the Disappearing Computer Initiative, University of Limerick, January 2002

Invited Speaker Highlights:
University of Sussex (UK); University of Siena (Italy); Cork Institute of Technology (Ireland); IUAV University, Venice (Italy); Newcastle University (UK); NUI Galway (Ireland); KTH- The Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm (Sweden); The University of Sheffield (UK); University College London (UK); IT University of Copenhagen (Denmark); University of Linköping (Sweden); University of Washington (USA); The Oslo School of Architecture (Norway); The European University of Cyprus, Nicosia (Cyprus); The University of Nottingham (UK), University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign (USA), University of Glasgow (UK); Newcastle University Business School (UK); Troyes University of Technology (France); Brunel University (UK); Aarhus University (Denmark); The University of Minnesota (USA); The National Museum of Anthropology and History, Mexico City (Mexico); The University of Edinburgh, UK; The Metropolitan Museum of Art Media Lab, New York (USA); The University of St. Andrews (UK); University College Dublin (Ireland), CSCW Asia Winter School 2019, Kyoto (Japan), Brazilian Symposium on Collaborative Systems 2021.

Professional Memberships
– ACM SIGCHI, Senior Member
– Member of the British Psychological Society
– Member of EUSSET, The European Society for Socially Embedded Technologies

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