New Book! “Human-Computer Interactions in Museums”

My new book written in collaboration with Professor Eva Hornecker is now published! “Human-Computer Interactions in Museums” is available from the Morgan & Claypool online store as e-book or paperback.  From the publishers: “Human-Computer Interactions in Museums by Eva Hornecker and Luigina Ciolfi consolidates the body of work in HCI conducted in the heritage field and integrates…… Continue reading New Book! “Human-Computer Interactions in Museums”

Slides from my Inaugural Lecture

I gave my inaugural professorial lecture on the 30th of January 2019. ‘Users, participants, co-designers or just pesky humans? On the challenges of human centred research in Human-Computer Interaction.’ Abstract: A main aspiration of HCI is to be human- and user- centred in its approach to creating novel digital interactions. But how do we engage, involve…… Continue reading Slides from my Inaugural Lecture

The Collaborative Economy Symposium at SHU – Nov 19 2018

Date: 19th November 2018 (09AM-05PM) Venue: The Hubs, Sheffield Hallam University Students Union, Paternoster Row, Sheffield, S1 2QQ Overview: The terms “Sharing Economy” or “Collaborative Economy” have been commonly used in recent years to refer to a proliferation of initiatives, business models and forms of work. The COST Action “Sharing and Caring” ( ) (2017-2021)…… Continue reading The Collaborative Economy Symposium at SHU – Nov 19 2018

Attending ECSCW 2018 and new paper

This week, I am attending ECSCW 2018, the 16th European Conference on Computer-Supported Cooperative Work: The International venue on Practice-centred computing and the Design of cooperation technologies, taking place in Nancy (France). I will also present a long paper, written with my colleague Ellie Lockley: “From Work to Life and Back Again: Examining the Digitally-Mediated…… Continue reading Attending ECSCW 2018 and new paper

“CultureLabs” has started!

As of April 1st 2018, a new exciting project has started: “CultureLabs” is funded by the European Commission’s Horizon2020 Framework Programme and will explore how culture and heritage can be instruments for social inclusion. CultureLabs will develop a digital platform to support those heritage institutions such as libraries, museums and theatres who wish to work…… Continue reading “CultureLabs” has started!