Workshop at ECSCW 2013: CSCW At the Boundary of Work and Life

I will be co-hosting a workshop at ECSCW 2013 in September on the theme of “CSCW At the Boundary of Work and Life“.

The workshop will explore how CSCW themes, concepts and sensibilities can be extended and applied to practices blurring the boundary between work and life. Technology has moved from workplaces to become part of nearly every aspect of everyday life. Similarly, CSCW research spans not only work settings and practices, but also other life domains, from family life, to gaming, tourism and other leisure activities. However, the neat distinction between which activities are work-related and which are not is becoming less and less meaningful as often the spheres of work and life blur into each other. Similarly, the use of technology is not limited to specific work vs. non-work situations. This workshop will discuss how to look at this blurring of practices, spheres of life and expectations: is it a problematic issue that should be addressed, or a new way of working and living that people are increasingly embracing? How people coordinate and interact when work tasks, personal tasks and leisure tasks blur into each other, and how to support/facilitate/mediate this through design?

I am organising the workshop in team with colleagues Gabriela Avram (UL), Erik Grönvall (Univ. of Aarhus), Chiara Rossitto and Louise Barkhuus (both Univ. of Stockholm)

The deadline for submitting papers is June 28th and full information can be found on the workshop website. Join us in Cyprus in September!

By luiciolfi

I am Professor of HCI in the School of Applied Psychology at University College Cork (Ireland). I research the design, use and evaluation of interactive technologies. I am interested in heritage technologies, mobility, collaborative computing, interactive spaces.

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